About Us

About ACT Laser

ACT Laser has been in the laser cutting industry for nearly two decades specialising in advanced laser cutting technology. We are a Melbourne based company. With our modern and exceptional laser cutting machines, we are able to create our customers tailor made design solutions for what they require. We specialise in indoor, outdoor, commercial, home based and public displays and we can cater to all your design needs.

Laser Cut Screens can bring more life to your business, home, garden and outdoor areas. All our laser cut screens can be delivered anywhere in Melbourne. We also offer our services for your fabrication and manufacturing projects, and we are ready to assist you at anytime.

What type of customers do we usually serve?

1. Home Decorators

2. Landscape Architects/Designers/Gardeners

3. Domestic & Industrial Architects

4. Builders (Commercial and Domestic)

5. Interior Designers