Material Selection

Laser Cut Screens – Material Selection

2d_laser-screensMaterials that we work with:

1. Most common thickness for screens in metal are: visual 1.6 or 3mm OR Structural door or gate 5mm or 6mm

2. Most common thickness for timber screens are 9mm-18mm thick.

3. Standard material dimensions are 2400mm X 1200mm OR 3000mm X 1500mm

Weathering Steel (Corten)

This is a type of mild steel with high copper content that will slowly rust and develop a unique overall colour.

Stainless Steel

Strong and rust resistant, can be polished or linished. It is available in two grades 304 for indoor use or 316 for outside application. Available 0.6-12mm thickness.


Aluminum is a good option for its light weight an strength. It is rust resistant and can be anodised or powder coated. Available in 0.6-10mm thickness.

Mild Steel

By far the cheapest option for a metal screen. Mild Steel can be left to rust slowly or primed and painted or powder coated in different colours. Available 0.6-20mm

MDF & Plywood

Great for screens in a protected area where they are unlikely to get damaged. Light weight, cheap to cut but fragile once pattern has been cut. Available in 3mm-32mm MDF/3mm-16mm Ply.

Galvanised Steel

This is a good option if screen is outdoors and is being powder coated as it will resist rust. Available 0.6-3mm.


For a screen that is weather proof and rust proof, plastic may be well used instead of metal. They can be found in a variety of colours or clear.